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Jakob MacArthy by Sorcyress Jakob MacArthy by Sorcyress
Jakob came about after a comment my mother made about how every boy I ever drew in a kilt looked rather unhappy to be there.

So I was in class one day, and he came about.

The original of this picture is a full sheet of paper with him in the middle and all the surounding area COVERED with random thoughts and story ideas and bios and stuff. He has quite a histoy, which is impressive, considering I've only ever drawn him...once.

Jakob's a year older then I am, and lives in the same world as the Mad Carrots. He was born in the back of a VW van to one of the last true great hippies -Anna ...Kavoric? (Sounds right enough) who was a drummer for this crazy little peace and love, but hey drugs really aren't that cool band called Peace of Purple.

And no, you haven't heard of it. Pretty much everyone in the Mad Carrot-verse has though. It's *the* big thing.

Anywho, Jake is a bastard child, and proud of it. He's had suspicians as to who his father is, but he hasn't bugged his mom enough, and she's never confirmed them anyways.

As for the current history, Jake's a drummer as well who goes to the school that is not Wunderbread High School. He used to be friends with this crazy drummer chick called Cara who went very goth when her parents started having a very messy break up, and he was regularly beaten up by her younger sister, Lynn, and her friends. When her friends weren't around though, Lynn was decent, and they would often talk music for hours, especially Peace of Purple. He never quite got up the nerve to tell her his mom was one of their drummers. Maybe because he didn't think it should have mattered?

Lynn has since moved, and he hasn't seen her in some time. Oh wait. He had a run-in with her and the other Carrots recently, and got back in touch with Cara. And somewhere, I have a bit of diologue written down that points to them going out on a daaaa-ate!

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March 26, 2006
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